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"Since I installed the WK1 on 6/25/2009, I used the WK1 for build up on the aerators on the faucets, shower heads and glass shower walls which were terrible! After the WK1 was in use for 7 months the build up has almost totally disappeared without any physical cleaning.

I also have a tankless water heater that needs to be de-scaled once a year, to keep the performance ` the way it should be. After the first year with no WK1 installed, the first cleaning with a de-scaling product, the solution begins somewhat clear and light blue in color at the beginning, and after the 45 min flushing time the solution came out a rusty dark color with lots of scale. After the second cleaning with the WK1 installed for 8 months, the same solution used for 45min flushing time came out virtually the same as when it started, clean and clear.

I have recommended your product to friends and associates. "

Sincerely, Steve Mundy
Mission Valley Pipe and Supply
San Diego

"Since the installation of AQUA-REX in my home, I have enjoyed the following: noticeably softer skin; reduced redness in my eyes after showering; improved efficiency of hair and skin products (I need less to achieve same results); diminished severity of eczema. After experiencing these positive results with my system, I purchased a unit as a gift for my mother! Now she is also benefiting from the AQUA-REX system."

Jennifer Betz
PHCC Contractor Member
March 29, 2009

" I had the Aqua Rex system installed in my home for almost a year now and it is doing everything I was told it would do. First of all the system is easy to install and does not require any special tools and the Aqua Rexsystem does not use a lot of energy. My scale build up on faucets and shower heads has been eliminated as a result of the Aqua Rex system"

Joel Valentine
Dynamic Plumbing
Las Vegas Nevada

"Jonny, wanted to take a moment and thank you for introducing Aqua-Rex to me at the PWQA meeting in Anaheim several years ago. 2008 I believe. We install a lot of Rinnai, Eternal and Takagi tankless water heaters and recommend your product on every installation for scale prevention. When the client hears that they will not have to do the maintenance on the heater as often, it is a no brainer sale. In today's world, people are not wanting the hassle of a salt based water softener and Aqua Rex is a great alternative. We have installed 47 of the WK1 units and only had 1 customer not like the product. I would say that is a pretty good success rate. Any way's just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks."

Kevin Shaw
Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc.
Thank you for taking the time to discuss the Aqua Rex with me yesterday at Pacific Plumbing in Wasilla. I'll research my customer data base this week and next for info on how the customers like having the WK1-E. I do have a customer that has one in her house and brochures in her beauty salon. She yells from the mountain tops how she likes the Aqua-Rex. She could tell a difference in just one week how her shower sprayer and kitchen sink sprayer where now working better and more outlets where unclogging (16 GPG). I also had a customer tell me that after just 2 days she could tell a difference in the her water, by having to use less soap (19 GPG). She said the water felt as if a Softener had been installed like it was in her previous home.

Thank you again for you time and the new article."

Pat Hall
Knik Heating, LLC.
Wasilla AK
June 2012


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