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Aqua-Rex does this:

  • Calcium scale on tiles and pool walls breaks up and falls away. Stops calcium scale along the water line. Saves bead blasting.
  • On Salt Water systems it keeps the generator cleaner. Saves de-scaling.
  • Reduces phosphates in the water and makes it much clearer. Saves chemicals.
  • Cleans scale from the water heater. Makes it operate more efficiently. Saves energy.
  • Helps kill bacteria so you have less need to "shock" treat a pool. Saves chemicals.
  • Reduces TDS so less need to dump water. Saves water.
  • Aqua-Rex requires no servicing or chemicals.

  • Low running costs, about $20 a year in electricity.

  • Unit is fully waterproof so it can be installed outside.

  • Easy and quick install.

  • No pipes to cut.


Where do I install Aqua-Rex?

Just wrap the two aerial wires around the pipe after the circulation pump and secure them with the plastic ties. You don't need to cut the pipe or do any kind of plumbing.

What kind of pipe and what size will it fit?

Any type of pipe material is suitable and any size of pipe up to 2 inch. If the pipes are bigger than 2 inch, call us for advice on larger Aqua-Rex units.

What sort of outlet does it need?

The unit is completely weatherproof but the transformer is rated for indoor use only so the outlet needs to be weather protected. The low voltage cable is 10 feet long and it can be easily extended with bell wire to whatever distance you need.

Does it need any maintenance or servicing?

Absolutely none at all. You set it and forget it. It has a design life in excess of 25 years.

Does Aqua-Rex get rid of all scale?

Aqua-Rex will get rid of Calcium scale but will have little or no effect on Silica scale. Silica scale is only an issue in a few areas of the country where Silica rich water is drawn from wells. Silica scale won’t react to acids such as Vinegar or Muriatic and can only be removed with abrasives. Sometimes you will find all the scale disappears and then a thin layer recurs and this is likely to be Silica. Scale around the grout line comes from behind the tile and is mostly silica so Aqua-Rex won’t get rid of it.

Are there any harmful side effects?




Performance Tested under IAPMO IGC 335-2018 Rapid Scaling Test and proven to reduce scaling by up to 83% at 180 degrees Farenheit in Las Vegas water.

While Aqua-Rex is a new product in the US for the pool market, it is a tried and tested product in the UK and Europe. It has been in use for over twenty years in its role as a water softener alternative and as a treatment for Long String Algae on Koi Carp ponds. Over the last four years we have evaluated its performance on swimming pools in the USA and since April 2013 it has been a listed vendor product with Poolcorp. In every field where it has been evaluated it has performed as well, and in most cases, better than expected.

To find out more about Aqua Rex and how it can help with swimming pools, download a PDF of our booklet listing independent evaluations, testimonials background information.



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